Brew 'N' Bottle

Brew on premises and a home brew shop, supplies kegs and party hire equipment

Brewers and beer lovers

Brew your favourite beer on premises or choose to take it home in kegs.

We offer many different ways to make beer, whether it is brewed on premises or helping you pick the right home brew kits to master brewing for yourself at home. 

Hops Black Rock Home Brew 

We also stock a range of different bread, cake and pizza mixes PLUS the Mad Millie range for D.I.Y. cheese and sausage kits

How it Works


Order your preferred brew from our vast range of recipes including heritage and popular styles.

Order Brews 

Step 2

Once your beer is brewed and paid for we will let you when your beer will be ready to keg or bottle.

Usually 21 to 28 days

Step 3

When your brew is ready, call into our brew shop or phone us to arrange a time to bottle or keg your beer using our facilities (Please give us one day notice in advance).

Free of charge!